|day trip to seattle|

i love clouds. the puffy, crisp white kind of clouds… not the usual hazy clouds that over take the entire sky to leave it feeling gloomy and gray.

lake washington. the lakes don’t seem as abundant here in the pacific northwest as they do in minnesota. most of the big bodies of water are rivers and the pacific ocean.

we had to stop to capture the seattle skyline before we left. so we decided to go up to kerry park in the queen anne area and scope out the view. it was pretty busy with a bunch of people with the same idea. ugh, the skyline is just so amazing at night. i love it, especially with the bright moon to accompany the sparking view.

just a shot of the space needle all zoomed up.

mj and i with the space needle emerging from his head. lol. afterwards, mj suggested stopping at dick’s. it’s an old school burger joint. the prices are super cheap (2.70 for a dick’s deluxe and less for a burger without cheese) and you can’t special order any burger. what you see is what you get. it was super packed, but the burgers are constantly being made at a super crazy fast speed by the burger artists in the back that the lines cycle through pretty quick!

it was a good experience. the burger was really good and it wasn’t too big. just the right amount of food.

we began the trip back getting stuck in downtown seattle with a bunch of traffic due to some event ending.. grr! then, mj got off on the wrong exit and we ended up getting somewhat lost and turned around. it was a bit aggravating. i don’t understand why men don’t just pull over somewhere and ask for directions. i guess it would have helped if my phone wasn’t dead. anyway, after being awake for 26 hours, i ended up taking a quick snooze on the three hour drive back for a bit, and then ended up driving the last 45 miles home, due to mj starting to doze off while driving!! it was a fun day, but at 230 am it definitely felt great to be back in portland and in my bed.

i’m currently crock-potting a copycat recipe i found off pinterest for chipotle’s barbacoa beef! i cannot wait until it’s done. it already smells like chipotle, so hopefully it tastes just as good. nom nom nom.


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